Cyber Liability – Is your business at risk?

Are you covered when it comes to data?
Are you covered when it comes to data?

You own your own business, you have commercial insurance to cover your building, your employees, and your vehicles, but are you covered when it comes to data?

In today’s world, nearly every business is collecting personal data from customers.  The threat of a breach of that data is real and it’sincreasing daily.  In fact, one half of small businesses have experienced a breach.  Your business could be in danger and the effects could be devastating.

What is a data breach?

Data breaches come in different forms.  You have probably heard of people hacking into a company’s records. Did you know that having a laptop stolen can be just as harmful, if not more so?

Why does your business need Cyber Liability Insurance?

You need to be covered in the event of a data breach.  You don’t expect to total a company car, but you have commercial insurance to protect you just in case.  The same is true for your data.  In fact, a cyber attack on your company could be infinitely more damaging than a totaled truck.  You need commercial insurance that will cover the cost to respond to the breach, your legal defense and liability, and your identity theft recovery expenses.

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