Don’t Get Burned – Keep Protection 1st on the 4th

Don’t Get Burned – Keep Protection 1st on the 4th
Don’t Get Burned – Keep Protection 1st on the 4th

Independence Day is just around the corner and with the holiday comes cookouts, family time, and fireworks. Before the celebration begins you should take time to consider some precautions to avoid accidents turning into a claim. Something to consider is adding an additional layer of insurance protection for you and your family with a personal umbrella policy.

Protecting Yourself with a Personal Insurance Umbrella Policy

For example, you are having a get-together at your home for the 4th of July holiday and a guest is not being safe with fireworks and gets hurt badly.  The liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy may not be enough in the event of an injury or if you are sued.  If you have an umbrella policy, it provides additional liability limits in increments of $1 million.

Additional Information about Umbrella Liability Insurance Policies

In the personal insurance world, an umbrella offers extra liability protection above your other insurance policies. If you are responsible for a great loss which exceeds the limits of liability on your home, auto, boat, or motorcycle insurance policies, the umbrella policy steps in to cover the extra loss amount up to the policy limit. 

An umbrella policy can cost as little as $150 annually.  Call Henneberger Flynn Insurance today for a quote.

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